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Nonprofit and Philanthropy Books

By John Atlas

The book dispels the conservative myth that we can only help the poor through private soup kitchens and charity and the liberal myth that the solution rests simply with more government services.Seeds of Change, not only provides a gripping look at ACORN's four decades of effective organizing, but also offers a hopeful analysis of the potential for a revival of real American democracy.

By Barbara Jacoby and Associates
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
Date February 2003

It is clear that service-learning has the potential to yield tremendous benefits to students, communities, and institutions of higher education. Increased student learning has been well documented. As communities gain new energy to meet their needs and greater capacity to capitalize on their assets, service-learning enables higher education to fulfill its civic responsibility. When service-learning lives up to its potential to lead colleges and universities to transform themselves into fully engaged citizens of their communities and the world, its ability to bring about positive social change is limitless.

To be successful, service-learning must be grounded in a wide range of solid, reciprocal, democratic partnerships. Building Partnerships for Service-Learning assembles leading voices in the field to bring their expertise to bear on this crucial topic. Faculty, administrators, student leaders, and community and corporate leaders will find this volume filled with vital information, exemplary models, and practical tools needed to make service-learning succeed.

The Complete Guide to Service Learning: Proven, Practical Ways to Engage Students in Civic Responsibility, Academic Curriculum, & Social Action (Paperback)

By Cathryn Berger Kaye
Publisher: Free Spirit Publishing
Date: October 2003

A treasury of activities, ideas, and resources, The Complete Guide to Service Learning can help teachers and youth workers engage young hearts and minds in reaching out and giving back. Author, and internationally known service learning expert, Cathryn Berger Kaye presents service learning—its importance, steps, essential elements, and challenges—within a curricular context.

Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World
By: Clinton, Bill
Publisher: Knopf

Here, from Bill Clinton, is a call to action. Giving is an inspiring look at how each of us can change the world. First, it reveals the extraordinary and innovative efforts now being made by companies and organizations—and by individuals—to solve problems and save lives both "down the street and around the world." Then it urges us to seek out what each of us, "regardless of income, available time, age, and skills," can do to help, to give people a chance to live out their dreams.

Bill Clinton shares his own experiences and those of other givers, representing a global flood tide of nongovernmental, nonprofit activity. These remarkable stories demonstrate that gifts of time, skills, things, and ideas are as important and effective as contributions of money. From Bill and Melinda Gates to a six-year-old California girl named McKenzie Steiner, who organized and supervised drives to clean up the beach in her community, Clinton introduces us to both well-known and unknown heroes of giving.

How to Form a Nonprofit Corporation in All 50 States
By: Mancuso, Anthony
Publisher: Nolo Press

The process of becoming a tax-exempt organization may appear intimidating, but with How to Form a Nonprofit Corporation , you can do it easily and correctly, without a lawyer.
This bestselling book includes complete instructions for obtaining federal
501©(3) tax exemption and for qualifying for public charity status with the IRS.It will help you:
*complete an IRS tax-exemption application
*prepare articles of incorporation
*write the bylaws of your nonprofit
*fill in minutes of the organizational meeting
*understand your state's specific nonprofit requirements

The 6th edition includes an expanded section on each state's legal and tax requirements for nonprofits. It also provides updated forms as tear-outs and on CD-ROM, with line-by-line instructions for filling them out.
What are you waiting for? Incorporate your nonprofit without a lawyer and save the money for your worthy cause!

Inspired Philanthropy: Creating a Giving Plan
By: Gary, Tracy, and Melissa Kohner
Publisher: Chardon Press

If you want to change the world, you'll want to read Inspired Philanthropy. Tracy Gary and Melissa Kohner show you how social change happens. No matter how much or little you have to give, you'll learn how to create a giving plan that will make your charitable giving catalytic. Then, through clear text and substantive exercises, you'll learn how to align your giving with your deepest values— to help bring about the very changes you want.

Learning through Serving: A Student Guidebook for Service-Learning Across the Disciplines

By Christine M. Cress, Peter J. Collier, and Vicki L. Reitenauer
Publisher: Stylus Publishing
Date: May 2005

This book is intended as a self-directed guide for college-level students who are engaged in service-learning. Though addressed principally to students participating in service-learning as a class, it is also suitable for students working individually.

The authors' goals are to enable the reader to derive the greatest benefit from the experience – in terms of providing meaningful service to the community partner, developing his or her skills and knowledge, and connecting back what she or he learns to course objectives and the framework of their discipline.

Partners in Public Service : Government-Nonprofit Relations in the Modern Welfare State
By: Salamon, Lester M. 
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press

Lester Salamon pioneered the study of nonprofit organizations and of their cooperation with government in the development and delivery of important social and economic services. His unique research in the early and mid-1980s was the first to document the pervasive interrelationships between government and the nonprofit sector in the United States, identifying some of crucial characteristics of nonprofit human service agencies and examining the impact of the budget and tax policies of tire Reagan and Bush administrations.

Partners in Public Service brings together some of Lester Salamon's most important work on the changing relationship between government and the voluntary sector in the American version of the modern welfare state. Approaching issues from a variety of perspectives -- theoretical, empirical, retrospective, prospective, and comparative -- Salamon illuminates the theoretical basis of government-nonprofit cooperation, shows why government came to rely on nonprofit groups to administer public programs, documents the scope of the resulting partnership, reviews the consequences for this partnership of recent attempts to cut federal spending, and explores the expanding scope of government-nonprofit collaboration at the international level.

Philanthrocapitalism: How Giving Can Save the World
By: Matthew Bishop and Michael
Publisher: Bloomsbury Press

From Buffett to Bono, how today's leading philanthropists are revolutionizing the field, using new methods to have a vastly greater impact on the world. For philanthropists of the past, charity was often a matter of simply giving money away. For the philanthrocapitalists—the new generation of billionaires who are reshaping the way they give—it's like business. Largely trained in the corporate world, these "social investors" are using big-business-style strategies and expecting results and accountability to match. Bill Gates, the world's richest man, is leading the way: he has promised his entire fortune to finding a cure for the diseases that kill millions of children in the poorest countries in the world.

In Philanthrocapitalism, Matthew Bishop and Michael Green examine this new movement and its implications. Proceeding from interviews with some of the most powerful people on the planet—including Gates, Bill Clinton, Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey, and Bono, among others—they show how a web of wealthy, motivated donors has set out to change the world.

The Business of Changing the World: Twenty Great Leaders on Strategic Corporate Philanthropy  
By: Benioff, Marc, and Carlye Adler
Publisher: McGraw Hill
Date: October 2006

The Business of Changing The World, by Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO of salesforce.com and Carlye Adler, demonstrates the profound interdependency between businesses and the communities in which they operate. It reveals how every company can incorporate philanthropy into its business model and make a difference in the community. Believing that all businesses can and should help to make the world a better place, Benioff gathered together twenty outstanding business leaders to discuss how their companies and organizations have implemented an integrated approach to philanthropy. They each provide detailed strategies on how to successfully take the core resources of a company (people, product, and equity) and put them to work in the community.