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By: Michael J. Sandel

"For Michael Sandel, justice is not a spectator sport," "The Nation"'s reviewer of "Justice "remarked. In his acclaimed book--based on his legendary Harvard course--Sandel offers a rare education in thinking through the complicated issues and controversies we face in public life today. It has emerged as a most lucid and engaging guide for those who yearn for a more robust and thoughtful public discourse.

Affirmative action, same-sex marriage, physician-assisted suicide, abortion, national service, the moral limits of markets--Sandel relates the big questions of political philosophy to the most vexing issues of the day, and shows how a surer grasp of philosophy can help us make sense of politics, morality, and our own convictions as well.

Ethics in the Public Service : The Moral Mind at Work
By: Garofalo,Charles; Geuras, Dean
Publisher: Georgetown University Press

Serving the public interest with integrity requires a moral perspective that can rise above the day-to-day pressures of the job. This book integrates Western philosophy's most significant ethical theories and merges them with public administration theory to provide public administrators with an explicit moral foundation for ethical decision making.

Ethics in the Public Service reviews moral thought through the ages, from Plato to Rorty, and makes the philosophies of the more difficult thinkers accessible to both students and practitioners. Unifying seemingly disparate ethical positions, including those of Aristotle, Kant, and Mill, the authors defend the idea of objective moral truth and critique subjectivist views, refuting postmodernism and ethical relativism. Using their integrated objective approach, they tackle such dichotomies in public administration theory as bureaucracy vs. democracy, and they also examine a case study in an administrative setting.

Offering a better understanding of moral dilemmas rather than a formula, this book presents scholars and practitioners with a framework that is both objective and flexible, theoretical and practical. This original synthesis provides a comprehensive basis for administrative thought and action.

Public Service,Ethics,and Constitutional Practice
By: Rohr, John A.
Publisher: University Press of Kansas

This book encourages civil servants to reflect on specific constitutional principles and events and learn to apply them to the decisions they make. Twenty seminal articles by a preeminent scholar seek to legitimate public service by grounding its ethics in constitutional practice.

John Rohr stresses that ethical practice demands an immersion in the specifics of our constitutional tradition, and he offers a guide to attaining a greater sense of those constitutional principles that can be translated into action. Along the way he considers such timely issues as financial disclosure, the treatment of civil servants as second-class citizens, and instances of civil servants caught between executive and legislative forces.


Responsibility at Work: How Leading Professionals Act (or Don't Act) Responsibly
By: Gardner, Howard
Publisher: Jossey-Bass

Filled with original essays by Howard Gardner, William Damon, Mihaly Csikszenthmihalyi, and Jeanne Nakamura and based on a large-scale research project, the GoodWork® Project, Responsibility at Work reflects the information gleaned from in-depth interviews with more than 1,200 people from nine different professions—journalism, genetics, theatre, higher education, philanthropy, law, medicine, business, and pre-collegiate education. The book reveals how motivation, culture, and professional norms can intersect to produce work that is personally, socially, and economically beneficial. At the heart of the study is the revelation that the key to good work is responsilibilty—taking ownership for one's work and its wider impact.


The Ethics Challenge in Public Service : A Problem-Solving Guide
By: Lewis, Carol W.; Gilman, Stuart C.
Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated

Since it was first published in 1991, The Ethics Challenge in Public Service has become a classic text used by public managers and in public management programs across the country. This second edition is filled with practical tools and techniques for making ethical choices in the ambiguous, pressured world of public service. It explores the day-to-day ethical dilemmas managers face in their work, including what to do when rules recommend one action and compassion another, and whether it is ethical to dissent from agency policy. This essential text explores managers' accountability to different stakeholders and how to balance the often competing responsibilities.


The Ethics of Public Service : Resolving Moral Dilemmas in Public Organizations
By Denhardt, Kathryn G.
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group, Incorporated

This ground-breaking volume offers a theoretical framework from which the theory and practice of ethics in public administration can be guided. Starting with the most prominent literature in the field, it constructs a theoretical foundation for administrative ethics by building on the twin themes of organizational setting and individual administrator. Stressing that the field has failed to take advantage of the philosophical traditions that should be the underpinnings of any study or application of ethics, the volume focuses not only on the current state of public administration, but stresses the role of philosophy. The proposed framework is examined in light of philosophical traditions and in terms of how it fits with the role and context of public administrators in the general society. The book takes a practical approach, with emphasis on the exigencies of the environment in which public administrators must practice. The shortcomings of current approaches to public administration ethics are addressed, and alternative approaches proposed. Finally, the study examines the validity of the framework and the suggestions of earlier chapters by applying them to a specific case that might be faced by an administrator.